Player Profile- Grant Vukasinovic


Name: Grant Vukasinovic
Age: 48
Position/s: Centrefield, Coach
Jersey #: 65
Nickname: Doc

MLB Team: Yankees in the American League and the Pirates in the National League

Interests: Baseball is my passion (sorry kids I still love you too); movies, trivia, great coffee

Hero: Ichiro Suzuki

3 People you would have a Beer with: Derek Jeter, Wayne Bennett and my Dad (if he were still alive)

Most Embarrassing Moment: There are many: In baseball (trying) to make a crucial throw from centre in the final against Panthers three years ago and not gripping the ball properly. The ball went backwards and two runs scored, we lost the game 5-3 in the end! Non-baseball having a so called mate let everyone know in my year 11 English class that every time I was talking to my friend sitting next to me I was actually looking down at her boobs….oh dear!

What would you spend your last $10 on?: A coffee and a pack of mint slice biscuits – the double pack ;-)