Hall of Fame



As has been previously reported, we are this year introducing a Hall of Fame into our club.
As this is the first year and it coincides with our 50th Season, we will be announcing the inaugural members of the HoF at the 50th Anniversary Gala night.

As such it has been decided by the Executive and Management Committees that all nominations for entry into the HoF in 2016 need to be submitted to the Executive no later than Saturday 30th April.

If you would like to make a nomination of someone for entry into the HoF please see the guidline below for the criteria and then write your nomination and submit it to a member of the Executive Committee being Al Michaelis, Ross Baker, Andrew Clifford, Brendan Sheedy or Marc Smith.

Voting will be conducted 6 weeks prior to the Gala night.

Pirates Baseball Hall of Fame

Criteria for Nomination to be inducted into the Hall of Fame

1. ALL Life Members automatically qualify.
2. Any player, coach, umpire or administrator (e.g. committee member, manager, scorer etc) who has been with the Club for a minimum ten years that the Selection Committee deem to have displayed a true commitment to the Club by their actions and deeds. They must have a minimum 5 consecutive years of service in this time.
3. Nominations must be in writing, addressed to the Club Executive and be received by 30th June of the current year (or by special exemption by the Executive) for induction that year to be considered by the Selection Committee. It must clearly detail and explain reasons for the nomination.
4. Nominations in writing should outline the years of service, actions, deeds and commitment shown by the nominated individual.
5. The vote shall be completed a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the Annual Presentation night.
6. There shall be a limit of 10 people in the inaugural year and 3 per year thereafter to be inducted. Following the inaugural year, a selection Committee member can only place a maximum of 3 names on their ballot, but may place 0 if they wish. This shall be counted against a percentage.
7. A nominee must receive a minimum of three quarters (3/4) of votes from the Selection Committee.
8. Ballots are to be kept private and confidential.
9. The inaugural Selection Committee shall be made up of the Life Members and a selected committee of people deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee of the club. A minimum of 12 members is recommended (including the Life Members) for the inaugural vote and up until this number of members in the Hall of Fame is reached. This number must be retained at all times as a minimum voting quorum.
10. Once a member is elected to the Hall of Fame, they automatically have voting rights for all future elections to the Hall of Fame.
11. Nominated people that are not selected in one year shall be eligible to be nominated in following years.
12. The Hall of Fame Members will be inducted at the Annual Presentation event.

The setting of specific criteria is to eliminate the possibility of allocating the honor to “mates”. It should be seen as a reward to people who have shown that the Pirates is a special part of their lives, and have shown that in an ongoing way.

For example, a player who has been with the club for 15 years, as a player only, does not necessarily qualify simply because they have been with the club for an extended period. They may simply turn up each week, play and go home! A person who has been with the club for say 10 years and has been involved in a number of roles (player, coach, administrator) may qualify due to their broader commitment.

The selection of inductees shall be questioned and challenged on the basis of the nominee’s commitment, the scope of that commitment, and not whether the Executive “like them or not”.

The Selection Committee should discuss the nominees, and, if more than three “worthy” nominees are put forward, a secret vote taken to select three to be inducted. If a person is not selected in a particular year, they may be considered in future years. This vote should be in descending order as seen by each Selection Committee member.

Form of Acknowledgement

The in augural induction shall be conducted at the 50th Anniversary Gala night and subsequent inductions shall be conducted at the annual Presentation Night in front of as many Club people, past and present, as possible. The cost of the dinner for the inductees, and their partners, should be met by the Club. This shall only be for the year of induction.

Apart from the public acknowledgment, a small “token” should be presented e.g. a memorial medallion that can then be worn at every Presentation Night. This should be different to the Life Members’ badge.

The induction shall be made by the sitting Club President with all other Hall of Fame members present to “welcome” them into the Hall of Fame.